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Supper is out of the room

Enjoy a Japanese-style kaiseki meal (10 dishes in total) dinner in the comfort of your room, which also includes Yamanashi's local cuisine `` Hoto (miso noodle soup)'' and Koshu Wine Beef steak.''
(*If you book two or more rooms at the same time, it will be a private room other than the room.)

Cooking information

Supper is a Japanese set meal Hoto-Nabe (miso noodle hot pot), which is a local dish, where you can relax in your room.
Japanese food in the hall in the morning.
  • Dinner

    • Dinner


      Period available:
      ~ 19: 30(The lower set is until 21:00)
  • Breakfast

    • Japanese Food


      Hall(8 seats)
      Period available:
      From 8:00(Advance reservation is possible from 7:00)
  • Hall

    8 seats.
    Breakfast venue.
  • Additional dish Boiled crab

    One piece 1,600 yen